Safn 2006​-​2009

by Bjarni Gunnarsson

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...The seven compositions found on this CD share an organic and convolving character which develops in both a very continuous and dramatic way. The sound material varies from voices, violins and percussive sounds, treated in a such a way to give a big impression of a haunting tension and suspense. The intricate proceedings of the flow of sound, rich multi-layered textures and energetic percussive gestures gives the album an unheard quality which has to be experienced sonically to be fully understood. The CD comes in a wonderful organic grey handmade tissue.

"Safn 2006-2009 explores both ambient and noise music at the same time - crossing the borders with a stunning result."

"In just seven tracks of stark minimal abstract electronic compositions, spread over nearly fifty minutes, Gunnarsson creates an incredibly complex and haunting sonic universe with very few equals around. His soundscapes are often broken and twisted, fragmented into vibrant sub-sections, themselves articulated around tiny sonic particles and miniature themes. Each of these tracks work on so many levels that it is difficult to actually grasp what is really going on in one seating, yet the way Gunnarsson presents all this is so extremely attractive that it doesn't actually matter much."
Safn 2006-2009, 5/5 , The milk factory

"It's almost like Pierre Schaeffer's sound objects woke up and started walking around. I found myself selecting certain sounds as characters in the drama that unfolds over the course of the album... It signals sectional changes in Aftur; steps out for an expressive, virtuosic closing to Blindi; initiates various sound events in Udrun and Dried Up; drives Time Out forward with a ghostly drum'n'bass. The interaction between the drum and various electronics opening Dried Up would bring to mind a human interaction, except that the skittering electronics sound so alien that I could not imagine any kind of instrumental origin."
Classical Drone


released January 1, 2010

Written and produced by Bjarni Gunnarsson
Mastering by Pascal Demez/Herrmutt Lobby
Layout by Patrice Lambenne



all rights reserved


Bjarni Gunnarsson The Hague, Netherlands

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