Processes & Potentials

by Bjarni Gunnarsson

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"So much music claims to capture the moment. But as Processes and Potentials proves, in-the-momentness can be a malleable concept. The result of three years of studio work, the album sees Bjarni Gunnarsson following his longstanding interest in exploring liquid states, transformational activities and the complex relationships between cause and effect. It is music which behaves differently, unexpectedly, veering off into surprising directions and never staying in one place for too long"

"Processes and Potentials is, undoubtedly, an uncompromising work in its austere sonic design, crackling rhythmical pulses dancing on top of monochrome tectonics and convoluting sounds. But at the same time, it is one of the few sound art releases that gets the adrenalin pumping as well, with each of these six piece seamlessly passing through a variety of concise scenes, ranging from the pastoral and serene to the delirious and confronting."

Tobias Fischer

Processes & Potentials consists of six pieces forming a totality of 48 minutes. The music is the outcome of my work during the past three years and represents my compositional preoccupations during this period of time.

Processes are defined by the way they do things instead of what they are. On this album it is important how sound processes behave, how they relate and how they occur. The seemingly organic sound-world of the work is all created from ideas that favor process-based approach to sound and composition.


released October 1, 2013

"The collection’s best asset is its refusal to play by the rules. To listen is to be lost on a small island; one knows that one will always find the shore."
A Closer Listen

"I still haven't absorbed everything. Bjarni's 'music' is demanding & extremely complicated. But for me this is definitely one of the best experimental albums of this year.”
Peter Wullen

'A dark, almost claustrophobic, world of miniatures crackles from beneath the surface of walls and earth. For those who are interested in minimalist computer generated sounds this is one release that is definitely worth listening to'.
Acousmatic Composition Journal

'Hissy, squeaky, metallic, squooshy sound art bent. Gunnarsson is pretty darn adept at manipulating mood with these pieces, which puts him in the class of such luminaries as Kim Cascone, Pan Sonic, Alva Noto and Robert Henke, as well as the clear influence of the very challenging genre of early tape music (Stockhausen, Dockstader, etc). I guarantee you will find this an interesting and accomplished listen.'
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Bjarni Gunnarsson The Hague, Netherlands

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